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    9760 Change Part


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    The 9760 Change Parts constrain an aerosol can as it is being pressurized from the inside. The 9760 consists of a cage fixture, with fitted top and bottom inserts, that quick-clamps around a can before the can is mounted in the tester.

    The top insert is machined to fit the can neck, while the bottom insert is molded to fit the bottom of the samples to be tested. These inserts are mounted on rings which are held together with threaded connecting rods and the bottom ring slides via an adjustable clamp. The sample is placed inside the cage and the clamp is then closed, securing the sample between the top and bottom inserts.


    The 9760 is ordered by specifying 9760 and supplying several samples to Altek. Samples MUST be provided to ensure proper manufacture of the 9760 Change Parts.

    Applicable Models

    This change part is used with: 9408B1 and 9408D2. Click part number for further information.