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    Simplicity – Reliability – Strength
    Altek test and inspection products are designed to operate safely. Many of our TECH ® products were customized based on specific customer needs and requirements. TECH ® Products division works with customers to design equipment to suit their special needs. TECH ®Test Equipment products are easy to operate and cost effective to purchase. They are designed to be maintained by the users and provide many years of service.

  • Buckle (Dome Reversal)
    Can bottom, End
  • Axial Load (Vertical Crush-resistance)
    Can body, Plastic bottle
  • Mobility/Lubricity (Coefficient of Friction)
    Can body, Flat samples
  • Panel Strength (Sidewall collapse resistance)
    Can body
  • Pop/tear (Pull resistance)
    Tab, Panel
  • Rivet (Break resistance)
    Tab rivet
  • Burst
    Aerosol can
  • Leak
    End at score, Rivet, Pinhole, etc.
  • Services

  • Calibrated Leakers
    Precision holes are created in can lids to serve as test media for high-speed leak testers. Leaker range extends from 0.1 to 15.0 cc's/10 seconds/10 psig. seconds/10 psig

  • Maintenance and Calibration Program
    Testers can be returned on a periodic basis to TECH ® Products Division for upgrades, refurbishment and calibration.

  • On Site Service Visits
    Skilled technical staff is available to perform Maintenance and Calibration at your facility.
  • Inspection

  • Ends
    Curl, Diameter, Depth, etc.

  • Cans
    Flange width, Neck diameter, etc.

  • Enamel
    Can coating continuity