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    9770A / 9971B: Side Wall Fixture Change Part


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    These change parts are used to test the outside mobility/lubricity of a can sample. The 9770A/9771A consists of a calibrated sled weight with three contact balls, and a saddle support, upon which a saddle (that has been specifically manufactured for the can type and size being tested) is mounted. A can is placed over the saddle and the weight is traversed across the outside body of the can.


    The 9770A / 9771A is ordered by specifying 9770A / 9771A, the can body diameter, the can neck diameter, the can neck style, and the can height.
    9770A / 9771A: 211 x 206 spin neck x 413
    (body dia, neck dia, neck style, hgt)

    Applicable Models

    This change part is used with 9505A ; 9505AE ; 9505AER ; and 9505DF1. Please click part number for further information.