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    9800 Change Part


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    The 9800 Change Part holds a necked-in can in place as it is being pressurized. The 9800 consists of a displacement plug over which the can is placed; an optional plug extender for use with a second height of can; and a pair of jaws which clamp the sample in place against the displacement plug during testing.


    The 9800 is ordered by specifying 9800, the can straight wall diameter, the can necked-in diameter, the can height, and the second height (if applicable).

    9800: 211 - 207.5 x 413 (SW dia, NI dia, hgt;
    207.5 = double-necked)

    9800: 211 - 206 x 413 x 604 (SW dia, NI dia,
    hgt, second hgt; 206 = triple-necked)

    Applicable Models

    This change part is used with ALTEK Models: 9009B1 ; 9009C2 ; 9009C5 ; and 9009F2.