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    9820 Change Part


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    The 9820 Change Part holds a straight wall can in place as it is being pressurized. The 9820 consists of a displacement plug over which the can is placed; an optional plug extender for use with a second height of can; a pair of jaws which clamp the sample in place against the displacement plug during testing and a seal assembly.


    The 9820 is ordered by specifying 9820, the can straight wall diameter, the can height, and second height (if applicable). Samples MUST be provided to ensure proper manufacture of the 9820 Change Parts.

    9820: 211 x 413 (SW dia, hgt)

    Applicable Models

    This change part is used with ALTEK Models: 9009B1 ; 9009C2 ; 9009C5 ; and 9009F2.