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    9837 Change Part


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    The 9837 Change Parts hold an end in place as pressure is applied to the product side of the end. The 9837 consists of a lower adapter plate and gasket which fit onto the test unit and an upper cup and gasket that clamps down on the end during operation to affect a seal.


    The 9837 is ordered by specifying 9837 and the end diameter.

    9837: 211 (dia)

    Note that when these Change Parts are ordered, TWO SETS are supplied because the unit which uses these Change Parts tests two ends at a time. Two different sizes of Change Parts may be specified, if desired; if only one size is specified, two identical sets of Change Parts will be produced. Altek may require samples for Change Parts manufacture if the end to be tested is not an industry standard size.

    Applicable Models

    This change part is used with: 9001HP.